Riding Lessons
Here at the Lazy D Riding School we use a lot of imagination
and positive reinforcement.  Students always leave with a
positive attitude.  We don't teach the conventional way of
"Heels down, toes up.  Move this here and there."  We use
terms such as "Don't squish the birdies. Push the cat off your
lap. Watch your bowling ball. Tushy back massage."  Most of
the terms are understood by both children and adults, but can
also be explained in a more complex way that some adults
understand better.  Not only will you learn balance and steering
but you will learn how to control your horse's movements with
your body, gaining maximum performance from your horse and
also making it easier for him to move and gain the important
muscles that most horses lack.

English Versus Western
Can't decide what you want to start off learning or want to try
both?  In the
Horsemanship Class you have the opportunity to
ride bareback, English, and Western.  English is a little harder
so if you aren't sure, we suggest trying this first so if you do
change to Western you won't find it difficult.  The English
saddle has less leather and the stirrup leathers a very thin and
not as stable so it takes a lot more balance to ride.  Western
saddles are a lot larger with a lot more to hold on to, and the
stirrup leathers are very wide and stable.  It still takes balance
but less than English.  The teaching method doesn't change so
if you decide to change you don't need to start all over.
Morning & Evening Classes
Lesson Horses Available
1 Hour Lessons
Grooming and tacking up are included in the hour.
Pants, boots with a heel, and helmets are
required (helmets available).  Actual ride time is
approximately 40 minutes

1 Hour Group Lessons(2-4 Riders) $40
1 Hour Private Lessons $75
2-6 Year Olds 1/2 Hour lesson $40
Lesson Fees Are Per Rider
Book of 4 Private Lessons $275
Private lesson off site starts at a minimum of
$125 depending on how far away the location is.

For students using their own horse and tack the
prices are the same but you get a full hour of
riding if you are saddled and ready on time.  
There is no fee for trailering onto the property
but a negative Coggins is required.
Amanda at age 8 was a member of 4-H
and was riding English and Western.  
She showed English, Western and
Speed events.
Angela started
taking lesson on
Starway and now
she takes lessons on
her own horse Missy.
Demonstrating Safe Bridling
Lazy D Riding School
Owners Mike and Karen Davis
Sapulpa, OK
Now Amanda at age 17 is a member of the ACRA and
OWBYRA and she still shows English and Western.  She
has competed at Martha Joseys in Karnack Texas and
competed at Cavalcade as the Skiatook Round Up Club