Riding Instructor Karen Davis
I started taking riding lessons in California when I was eight years old on a horse
named Spider.   At the age of twelve I was leasing a horse and taking English
lessons.  My parents took pity on me when I was 13 and purchased a 9 year old
Pinto Arabian for me.  Bonnie was a great horse versatile in both English and
Western.  In our first horse show we came away with a first in English Equitation
and third in English Pleasure.  Like all good first horses I out grew Bonnie and had
to give her up.

I took my second horse, an American Quarter Horse, with me to college.  In
college not only did I work on my Equine Science Degree, but I was on the Rodeo
team, President of the Boots And Saddle Club and Coordinator for the annual
harvest festival for two years in a row.  I participated in goat tying, barrel racing,
and break away.  During my summer break I worked as a counselor at a girl scout
camp in the horse unit.  This is where I learned patience and understanding for
children and horses.  What fun I had giving lessons, teaching the girls about horses
and even taking them on a three day trail ride in the mountains.

After that summer I married Paul and moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
While living in Broken Arrow I worked for a harness horse ranch as the Trainer
and Manager.  I had never worked with Arabian harness horses before.  I Enjoyed
turning the harness horses into riding horses.  Many were sold as English and trail
horses.  I learned how to drive a single and team of two with a sled, training cart,
curricle, and a surrey.

We moved around a  bit, after that first to Colorado and then Kansas.  In Kansas I
started the Lazy D Riding School for the first time.  We then moved back to
California, and I went back to the stable where I first learned how to ride.  I had
kept in touch with the owners, and they snapped me up when they learned I wanted
to give riding lessons.  For two years my experience grew by leaps and bounds.  
The stable is one of the top equestrian centers in Orange County, California, and I
had an average of 56 students a week during the school year and another 20
during summer vacation.  My students ages ranged from 2 on up to 68.  I taught
English and Western for show and for fun.  I even had one student who took
lessons so she could take a 12 mile trail ride into a volcano on her trip to Hawaii.  
When she came back from her trip she kept up with her lessons because she had
so much fun she didn't want to stop riding.  By the way she was the 68 year old and
she had never ridden before.

All of our moving around was because of Paul's job and miracle of all miracles the
company he works for said he could work out of his office at home  and we could
live anywhere we wanted.  We jumped at the chance to move back to Oklahoma.

So here we are. We've been here for almost 13 years, after the fist year I
missed teaching so much I decided to reopen the Lazy D Riding School.  I was the
Coweta 4-H Horse Club leader for Wagoner County for three years and was the
youth and play day director for the Coweta Round Up Club. I had so much fun
teaching the members new things and sharing my equine experiences with them. I
decided after a few years of volunteering with other organizations that I should
do more for my students, so we are now having horse shows and play days at the
riding school.  I hope you call and make an appointment to stop by and visit with us.  
I love to talk about horses, and hope you have enjoyed my narrative.  

Hope to talk to you in person soon,
Karen Davis
Lazy D Riding School
Owners Mike and Karen Davis
Sapulpa, OK
Instructor      Trainer      Manager      Owner
Over 35 Years of Equine Experience