Each camp session will be from 8am-noon Monday - Thursday.  Each camper should bring
a sack lunch.  Campers need to wear long pants and boots with a heel.  Sun screen is
recommended.  Helmets are required while working with the horses and we will provide
them.  A hand book will also be provided.
Campers will have the opportunity to ride
bareback, Western and English.  They ride each
day. They will learn about: the different breeds,
saddles and bridles, feeds and feeding,what a
horse needs to survive, grooming, haltering,
leading, saddling and lots more!
We have an indoor arena and an air conditioned
classroom to keep the campers out of the
summer sun and heat.

Because most of the campers will be working
with horses for the first time each horse will
have a handler.  A handler is a student of the
riding school who has passed all of our high
standards of horsemanship and safety.  They
will hold a lead attached to the horse the
whole time.  The camper will be able to steer
and control the horse but the handler is there
in case the camper forgets to steer or needs
help. As the camper progresses the handler
may end up letting go of the lead and walk in
front or next to the horse.
Learning To Measure A Horse
Learning To Saddle
Explaining The "Ice Cream Cone"
Session #1

A Handbook Will Be Provided
Campers will need a sack lunch.
$275 Per Camper Per Camp Session
A $50 Non-refundable deposit is required to hold a spot and to
complete registration.  Please make checks out to Karen Davis.  If less
than 4 campers sign up you can pick another week of camp or your  
deposit will be refunded.
Limited to 12 campers with a minimum of 4
To hold a spot with a deposit you can fill out the form on the bottom of the page,
stop by the riding school, or mail in your deposit with the following information:
Name of parent, name of child, address, phone number, e-mail address, and session
of camp 1st choice and 2nd choice, make checks payable to Karen Davis and mail to
Lazy D Ranch 7114 S. 145th West Ave Sapulpa, OK 74066
Please feel free to call us with any questions.
Let us know if you are interested in a full day camp from 8am - 3pm.
Session #3 will be a full day horse camp for those that want to stay
and learn more. The cost is $375 and more information is on the
day camp page
Campers Name
Age of Camper
Parent or Guardian
Email Address
Home Address
Phone Number

Remember without a $50 and deposit your spot is not
Highlight A Session
Comments or Questions
Lazy D Riding School
Owners Paul and Karen Davis
7114 S. 145th West Ave
Sapulpa, Ok
Monday - Thursday 8am - noon
Snack Time
We will provide pictures of
your child at camp on our
Facebook page.
We strive to make your child's experience as safe
as possible. Each child is required to wear an SEI
Equestrian riding helmet (no bicycle
helmets) when they are working with the horses
there are no exceptions.  We will provide helmets
so you don't need to purchase one for camp.  
However if your child will be taking riding lessons
after camp is over you may want to purchase your
own.  You can purchase a helmet at  
www.horse.com  starting as low as $39.95.
Our horse camp consists of four 4-hour sessions.  
Campers ride each day.  For those of you not familiar with
our riding school, we use a lot of imagination.  On the first
day they will be riding bareback (we use bareback pads for
comfort and to keep your child's pants clean),and we will
take a trip to the Equestrian Forest, dodging fallen trees
and crossing streams. The second day we will introduce
them to Western, and they will learn not only the riding
technique but the history and tradition of the old west
while they mosey through the Equine Desert where they
wind through cactus,  cross Crick Creek and watch out for
coyotes.  The third day is English and the Pelham Steeple
Chase where they will learn the basics of jumping (no
actual jumping, remember we use our imagination).  The last
day is a fun day at Hippo Beach (hippo is Greek for horse),
and each camper can pick the riding style they enjoyed
most on this day and have fun dodging waves and exploring
a hidden cove.  All campers will receive a Horsemanship
certificate on the last day of camp.
You can fill out the following form
to temporarily hold a spot.  
Remember registration is not
complete and your spot is not
guaranteed without a $50 deposit.