Some of the terms you
will learn:
Torso Turn
Break At The Ribs
Control Control Control!
Part of the clinic will take part in our
class room.  We will be watching videos
taken of everyone's barrel runs so we can
pinpoint exactly what needs to be worked
on and you can observe it first hand.  We
will be talking about the different
equipment you can use on your horse like,
saddles, pads, bits, boots etc.  We will
have a question and answer session so be
sure to bring questions with you.
Helmets are
No exceptions!
We do have helmets to
loan out.
Students Name
Age of Student
Parent or Guardian
Email Address
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Phone Number
Highlight A Session
Comments of Questions?
June 20th-23rd
$250 per camper with their own horse
$300 if they need to use a lesson horse
Campers are allowed to bring their own horses. They also may
board them with us for the four days of the camp for an extra
$75.  We will provide a stall with full care board for the four
days. If the horse stays longer than the four days there will be an
extra $25 per day that it remains.
This camp/clinic is for anyone that knows how to
ride and for those that wish to perfect their
barrel racing and or their technique.  You will
learn how to ride with a more balanced seat to
shorten your time and eliminate back and leg
problems on your horse.   All riding capabilities
are welcome at this camp so if you are just
interested in learning the basics of barrel racing
this is a good clinic for you as well.
This camp will also help you if you are training
yourself at the same time you are training your
Martha Josey Clinic 2014
Amanda won 1st in the 3D and
Mackenzie won 1st in the 4D
Martha Josey Clinic 2015
Amanda won 1st in the 1D