Pony Ride Birthday Party
Party goers are lead
around on a horse in the
arena.  This is more for
the younger kids.
$100 per hour per horse
After the riding part of the party for an
extra $75 per hour you have the use of the
picnic table area that is perfect for cake and
ice cream. The use of the concession stand
with all of the amenities (fridge, counter,
table air conditioner all in a fly free room)  
For a more elaborate party we offer the use
of a BBQ and fire pit for s'mores and hot
dogs.  We also have lots of farm animals
including Joey our lovable and fun to play
with goat.  The kids can brush a miniature
horse and feed Joey.  There is ample room
for games, including horse shoes.  If you
don't have a set we have one you can use.
Educational Birthday Party
Learn the basics of riding. This is
similar to our horse camp. The party
goers will learn the basics of riding:
steering, stopping, and how to make
the horse go.  Each horse has a
handler walking next to it for safety.
Minimum of $140
1-6 riders = $140
7-8 riders = $ 180
9-10 riders = $220
11-12 riders = $260
13-14 riders = $280
Barnyard Birthday Parties
For a more elaborate party we
now offer themed parties. Pick
one of our party packs or meet
with one of our party planners
for large parties such as
weddings, banquets, business
picnics, family reunions, etc.